Professional Filming & Video Editing

✓ Weddings & Anniversaries
✓ Business Conferences & Meetings
✓ Church & other Religious Events
✓ Sports Events
✓ Family Gatherings
✓ Digital Invitations
✓ Live Event Broadcasting
✓ Music Videos & Entertainment events

Our Filming Services

Professional Filming Rustenburg

Professional filming & video editing

Professional filming Rustenburg. Techpro Design also specializes in professional filming, photography and video/photo editing. Our main area of service is Rustenburg, South Africa but we also cover the rest of the country whenever an opportunity arises.

We work with a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals that includes cameramen, special effects team,  editors, sound engineers, photographers, technicians, and more. Our team is highly dedicated to their work and are all driven by passion.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or what day of the week your event is set on. As long as you are interested in our services, we are always a phone call away to attend to you.

Below is a summary of the list of Services we offer under Filming and Video Editing

✓ Weddings and other functions

✓ Digital Video adds

✓ Digital video invitations

✓ Music videos

✓ Church productions

✓ Short films

✓ TV Intros

✓ Special Effects

✓ Product Profiling

✓ Tutorials

✓ YouTube videos

✓ Animations

Professional Video Editing in South Africa